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Talking on the Lawn

Alone with that old conker
the one thing you’d miss
is an enemy

cut stone laid heavy and high
sour Bramleys, garden moons

breathe in damp air
listen to the silence
on the derelict frontier

a cloud shrouded growl –
what is its range?

turning left on the plane
lipstick smiles
greet each passenger

he took his Powerbook everywhere
even Halkidiki

a wall of heat
bleached umbrellas
jig on the sand

gingerbread curls
peel on the barge

a pebble skims
a superstition

brushing my hair at midnight
waiting for a face

crossed fingers touch
an admiral
is in the mirror

knick of the blade
tissue paper dab

bodily fluids, longings
candle nub ends
they recycle all they can

snow angels
on the lawn

for 4,000 years
Long Meg and her daughters
haven’t felt the cold

the mill doors
open wide

smell of bread
pumped through
every supermarket

the clocks go forward
an end to S.A.D.

billowing above the drive
on a linen pillowcase

we’ve been talking all day
on this hard bed.

from sea to sea
renga along hadrian’s Wall (2003-04)
Dharmavastu, Sandysike, Walton
September 6, 2004

Alec Finlay (master)
Subhadassi (host)
Beth Rowson (co-ordinator)
Steve Chettle
Peny Dunbabin
Morven Gregor
Sara Lurati
Irene Leake

The mill is the watermill at Little Salkeld just down the road from long Meg and her daughters