Hadrians Wall and Sycamore Gap
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These are links to all the work that has been written for Writing on the Wall as a result of writers residencies, workshops, poetry reading and renga.

Linda France - The Love Potion of Polemius
- Found at Portgate
Kitty Fitzgerald

- At Ravenglass
- Building a Roman Road in the North of Britain

Robert Forsythe

- An Industrial Archaeologian upon Hadrian's Wall
- Northumbrian Wastes

Bill Herbert

- Over the Wall
- The Wall

Katrina Porteous

- The Ruined Thistles
- Two Countries

Penny Grennan

- In the Bathhouse
- Stone for St. Oswald Hill Head Farm

Ellen Phethean - About a Wall
Angela Locke - Wall
- Hadrian’s Man


Jacob Polley

- History
- Roman Epitaph

Alec Finlay

- The Walk Back
- Hadrian's Ghost

Farah Begum-Baig

- Chesters Roman Fort
- Starlight on Hadrians' Wall

Hafsa Bekri-Lamrani

- On the Border
- Scents

Denisa Comanescu

- A Birdoswald Sequence
- Vindolanda: A Utopia

Hashem Shafiq - Hadrians Wall
- A Small Bay
Kapka Kassabova - Roman Whore Blues
- Request for leave: a brief history of Empire
Samuel Shimon - Kika and the Ferrymen




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