Experience and Services

ARTS UK provides a range of research, development and implementation services and has extensive arts experience. A network of associate consultants creates a skills and expertise base to enable flexible teams to be created to fulfill client requirements.

ARTS UK has an operational area that is UK wide and is currently working on projects in Bolton, Cheshire, Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway, Northumberland, Scottish Borders, South Lanarkshire, Tees Valley, and Tyne & Wear.

ARTS UK offers the following services:

ARTS UK works closely with organisations and individuals to prepare strategic structures for development, implementation and project delivery. It offers experience of the following:

Organisational and delivery structures for the public, private, and voluntary independent sectors

Ability to work at local, regional, national and international levels, and to organise work practices and structures which are appropriate for each situation

Ability to mediate between client, artist and audience, to facilitate new partnerships that support significant and meaningful arts projects which embrace art and society in its broadest and most inclusive context.

Working with a wide range of organisations, cultures, ages and abilities

Working at senior levels, including Chief Executives, Chief Officers, Elected Members, Company Directors

Understanding of funding systems and sources of finances for arts projects, including % for Art, National Lottery, Arts Council England, Regional Development Agency, Capital budgets, Charitable Trusts

Successful fundraising for projects, including major lottery and SRB finances

Ability to develop and deliver a range of different sized projects with budgets from £5,000 to £250,000.

Working with regional, national and international agencies

Strategic arts reports and feasibility studies

Public presentations to local authority, community, business and other groups

Working with District, County, and Metropolitan local authorities

Working closely and engaging in research, development and co-ordination of arts projects with different local authority departments and personnel, including;

Experience of large scale innovative public art projects which require extensive public consultation, development of design proposals, prototypes, engineering and constructional development and feasibility.

A range of different project contexts, including Art and Architecture, Schools and Education, Urban Regeneration and Improvement Schemes, cycle-routes and other linear paths, Art, Landscape and Environment, Art and community identity and development, Art in urban areas.

Involvement with and support for a wide range of art-form areas in public art commissions, including sculpture, painting, glass, mosaic, architectural metalwork, landscaping, murals, letter-cutting, photography, light and lens based, new and digital technologies, temporary and ephemeral works.

Successful implementation of a wide range of public art and landscape projects.

Preparation of timetables, project structures and working partnerships.

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