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Rob Vale – Statement

The production of my oneplace film, le ballet de cour, was a long and tremendously varied journey, much like the piece itself. The concept was relatively simple; a single continuous dance linking individual places from the Tatton landscape. The creation was both tremendously satisfying, and at times tremendously complex and exhausting.

I could talk of the difficulties; filming in –12 degrees, breaking the camera, weaving four centuries of dance styles and music together (with many thanks to Ella and Matt), or the time required to fuse 85 spaces into one piece. Fortunately I was able to remind myself that any problems I might face paled into insignificance when compared to my dancer, and sister Alice, who for six months has danced in every conceivable weather condition, outside, on point, in the same red shoes, through mud, snow, gravel and flowerbed, and still managed to look beautiful and graceful in every scene. This is as much her piece as mine, she is remarkable.

As for Tatton and the experience, without exception every person who I met was warm, helpful and very giving of their time. Their favourite places have, I hope, been captured in le ballet de cour, with the same fondness that they recounted them to me. The opportunity to work in a place that is so inspiring is rare, and I am tremendously grateful for the experience.

I hope that the piece resonates with its surroundings, that it inspires, remembers and acknowledges this magical park. Everything you see has come from the people and the place, and that place is one I hope to return to many times again.