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Elements was part of a £4.3m Image Improvement Project for the industrial road corridors in Skelmersdale. The artworks created new points of identity and interest on two traffic islands. The commission programme highlighted and used the manufacturing and industrial base of the town.

A comprehensive information, consultation and education strategy engaged local people with the commissions' programme.

lightcube lightcube blue

Peter Freeman designed a 7m high light tower, Light Cube (above) which had a digitally controlled bank of fibre optic light sources altering colour through a 24 hour cycle. On St Valentine's day the sculpture is pink.

Bob Whitehey Island Skelmersdale

Bruce Williams produced a permanent photographic based sculpture using images of local people and places which directly referred to the history and future of Skelmersdale. The images were industrially laser-cut and set against colour backgrounds of reflective roadsign material.